Timberland's bag collection is all about surviving the city in style

Messenger Bag
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Timberland is mainly known for its indestructible, outdoorsy footwear, but they've quietly built up a ruggedly elegant lifestyle collection suitable for environments where you're more likely to run into a barista than a bear. Front and center amongst the newest offerings is a limited-edition series of bags tailored to modern urban existence -- handsome enough to stand out at the office, and tough enough that, if society collapsed and there were no more offices, you'd be just fine.

Weekender Bag
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Premium Leather Weekender Bag

Like all the bags in this collection, this weekender is crafted exclusively from Dublin leather by Horween, which is not only the nation's oldest operating tannery, it's also our smartest, and most athletic: founder Isadore Horween's sons Arnold and Ralph both played football for Harvard and in the pros, and Arnold eventually coached the Crimson as well. In addition, the Chicago-based company is officially responsible for every football you see flying around on Sundays. Get more details

Weekender Bag
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Premium Denim Weekender Bag

The Dublin leather comes from Horween, but the denim hails from Cone Denim's White Oak plant, a Greensboro, North Carolina operation whose first "bobbin of yarn" was produced in 1905 (a bobbin is a cylinder or cone that holds... yarn). Get more details

Messenger Bag
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Premium Leather Messenger Bag

Ably transports laptops up to 17" -- much bigger than that, and you might as well pull around your desktop in a wheelbarrow. The raw edges and antique brass give off the impression that, though you're a modern man, you would have been equally successful in a time before computers put all the answers to every question at everybody's fingertips. Get more details

Timberland Backpack
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Premium Leather Backpack

Augmenting its antique hardware with hidden magnetic strips, this man-on-the-go model services laptops up to 15". Here's hoping your bike is as nice as your bag. Get more details