Too hot to move? Plop yourself down in front of one of these next-level fans.

Sick of looking like a melting pile of flesh even while at rest in this (seemingly) nationwide heat wave? Well, wipe that sweat from your sunburned brow because we've rounded up a handful of handsome fans that'll not only keep you cool, dry, and comfortable, but also give your crib a unique style upgrade.

Stadler Form Q-Fan
Designed by an artist who dabbles in making ventilators (seriously), this window-sized, alphabet-repping unit adds a modern edge to your cool down.

Diamond Turbine Chandel Air
Marrying the brushed aluminum industrial look with an art deco aesthetic, this powerful ceiling-mounted rig is also an overhead light source.

Batman Blades
Keep your cool better than an on-set Christian Bale beneath a DIY set of four, five, or six batwing-shaped blades.

Upside Down Ceiling Fan
This intricate 1:6 scale fiberglass model of the legendary Hughes MD 500 chopper is designed to be mounted upside down on your ceiling via its silver base, and'll push air down at three different speeds via its four fiberglass blades.
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Szostak Big Fan
More of a piece of furniture than simply a "fan", this handmade 3ft bulbous teak shelled-and-bladed wind machine is coated in nine layers of lacquer, and sits on an adjustable steel leg so you can get your Fabio-ian coif to sway in just the right way.

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