A hand-built custom body on the fastest Alfa Romeo

Since 1928 Italy's Touring Superleggera has been putting together custom bodies that're more gorgeous than the work of all but the very best Beverly Hills surgeons, including James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 and the postwar BMW 328. Now, they've stuck a modern version of the Alfa Romeo C52 Disco Volante body the company first built in 1952 onto a 450hp Alfa Romeo 8C chassis to create the new Disco.Each car is hand-built by skilled Italian craftsmen who spend over 4000hrs massaging, filing, and banging sheets of aluminum into shape without their wives getting pissed.The front is vintage Alfa, with sharp angles stemming from the classic "Trefoil" air intake……while the back of the car transitions from smooth lines to an abrupt rear end that aides aerodynamics but does absolutely nothing for Sir Mix-A-Lot.The interior's basically still an Alfa 8C with added touches like a body-colored center console with an iPhone adapter and reupholstered seats with sections of suede thrown in for better grip during spirited driving,while ambient lighting on the door adds just a little flair that, so far, no plastic surgeon has been able to pull off.