Wayne Newton's ranch, and its private plane/terminal, is up for sale at $70M

Casa de Shenandoah, as Mr. Entertainment calls it, is on the market! So pack your bags because it's time for a Vegas Vacation. The 36 acre ranch (with eight, count 'em, eight houses) has a long history of ups and downs — but more recently downs: bankruptcy, lawsuits, a developer that bought the place and wanted to turn it into a Wayne Newton museum. Now that things haven't worked out for said developer, he's trying to get rid of the place for $70 million. That's not to say it isn't decked out. But 70 mill? Let's see what that kind of cash ropes in.

Not what we were really expecting, but — oh, wait, there's more. Much more...

The brokers are claiming that Newton has a car museum, which is perhaps just a fancy way of saying he has an enormous garage that fits sixteen cars. Maybe you can roll up blasting Danke Schoen in Cameron's dad's car after checking out his house, which is also on the market.

Was Newton going for a party hall that looked like it was ready to film The Shining 2? Or was this his Hall of Mirrors sans mirrors? Now you get to decide.

Alright, so huge garage, oversized rooms. This peaceful lawnscape is subtle enough. Nothing too out of the ordinary...

Oh, what's that? The private jet that comes with the house — though we're pretty sure he's never left Vegas.

But how can you have a private jet without your own terminal? Wayne Newton wouldn't know. The jet and its accompanying terminal are apparently intended to be used to "entertain." Terminal parties are so hot right now.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Or, if you're a bird of paradise, you'll be staying at Wayne Newton's.

You now have 37 stables for all of your beautiful Arabian horses. Yeehaw.

After you ride your 37 horses, it's only natural that you take them to their EQUESTRIAN POOL. (It's only fair, you have several pools of your own. Might as well share with the animals — and these are Arabians.)

After your long day driving your sixteen cars, playing airport, horseback riding, then making sure those horses get a quick swim in, you deserve to swim in this extravagant pool.

And then go swim in one of the others.