What to wear to land the job you want

A man in a suit

Since your first impression in a job interview is even more important than the lies you've padded your resume with, we've put together a handy guide for getting your look right. Whether you're angling for a corporate gig, are a bonafide creative type, or have no idea what type of office environment you're walking into, this roundup of gear from our bros at JackThreads should help you dress the part.

Formal interview looks part 1

Are you in finance? Are there hints of a dress code? Is the company run by old dudes who wear suits even on their days off? Go for something like this:

1.Lindbergh Gary-S/Dean suit2.Lindbergh basic white dress shirt3. Burma Bibas Dot Woven Tie

Formal interview looks part 2
Casual interview look part 1

Are you a designer/writer/social media guru? Is this place a startup? Is the CEO younger than you? Try something like this:

1.Goodale Get Blazered jacket2. Artistry In Motion Pink Oxford3.Ben Sherman Sloane striped tie

Casual interview look part 2
interview accessories part 1

Is the company culture an enigma? Is it slightly less formal than your previous corporate gigs? Want to give off an "I'm hip and unique but not too hip and unique to adhere to your HR policies" vibe? Try adding a couple accessories:

1. The Rusted Key Lego tile cufflinks2.Ivy Prepster fish hook tie bar3. Giant Vintage Barrel sunglasses4.Akribos XXIV Swiss chronograph

interview accessories part 2