A power-free way to cook quality meals on the go

Pot being sealed into a Wonderbag

Enabling you to feast on delicious, piping-hot stews, soups, rice, casseroles and other next-level hearty eats while camping/hiking/picnicking with heathens who hate sandwiches, the Wonderbag Eco Slow Cooker's a heavily insulated jellyfish-esque sack that employs an "ingenious heat-retention" system that'll cook entire meals without electricity or gas, and requires minimal effort on your end.To use it, simply heat up whatever you want to cook in a casserole dish or pot (either over a fire or before you leave home), cover it, seal the whole thing inside the bag and "go about your business" while it cooks the contents perfectly. Plus, it can also be used to keep frozen food cold for long periods while traveling (or during power outages), without the bulkiness of a cooler.

Different styles & colors of Wonderbag
Instructions to operating the Wonderbag