This monster ice bucket will embarrass all other ice buckets everywhere

Published On 08/21/2013 Published On 08/21/2013

"'s a bucket...?" Shut it. You better go on and wash that mouth out with soap. The YETI Tank 85 is no ordinary bucket. This is only "a bucket" if this bucket's hard-partying mother went and made sweet love to a sleep-deprived, grizzly-bearded ice trucker when mama was passing through the northern Tundra on her way home from bucket college. It's equipped with YETI's signature Permafrost Insulation and No Sweat Design — which keeps everything ice cold for longer, and limits your liability towards slip-prone drinking buddies — while able to carry up to 60 longnecks, or 96 cans. Or even 51 blue crabs if you're looking for a seafood boil. And for $199, you yourself will carry the admiration of all self-respecting men in the immediate vicinity.




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