Your pool table sucks because it's not a Mustang

How many times have you racked em up only to feel deflated at the realization that the pool table you're playing on is not a 1965 Shelby GT350 Mustang? If your answer is anything less than "every single time" there is something seriously wrong with you. Luckily a couple of Billiard/Classic Car fanatics have decided to fill the gap in the market with an insanely awesome offering of their own. For years now they've been faithfully reincarnating some of the most important hot rods of the last 100 years into tournament grade pool tables, complete with Brazillian Slate and competition felt.

The guys source original hardware from all over the place, often relying on eBay for the really tough to find bits. All of the lights function as they did on the original cars, which will complement your ultimate two-in-one high school hookup fantasy next round with the buds really nicely.