Sackboy goes to the Marilyn Manson concert

Sackboy and Drew

When Sackboy goes to a Marilyn Manson concert in Huntington, Long Island, he doesn't mess around. He doesn't even understand how messing around would be possible at a Marilyn Manson concert, much less one in Huntington. Hold on to your satanic goat leggings as he takes you on the ride of a lifetime.

Sackboy atop car

It was a long, hard road out of New York City, but me and the Sackboys (that's what I'm calling them) finally made it to Huntington, Long Island. You'd better be worth it, Marilyn Manson!

The Paramount, Huntington

The Paramount. Capacity: 1500. Capacity for awesomeness: 1500 x infinity.

Sackboy tips well

Let's get this party started, right?

Sackboy on floor

This view sucks. I hear the chick from Gossip Girl, but I don't see the chick from Gossip Girl.

Sackboy in underwear

Better. A little weird, but better.

Taylor Momsen at the Paramount

Taylor Momsen is surprisingly good at singing. And surprisingly good at hanging out with Jenna Haze.

Taylor Momsen headbanging.

Seriously, she's like Evanescence mixed with Geezer Butler. Sackboy likey.

Sackboy in a compromising position.

Hey, what the hell! Sackboy no likey.

Sackboy floats atop beers

That was terrible. Time for an ancient Indian purification ritual.

The Paramount Founder's Room

Of course I have access to the Founder's Room, the Paramount's basement-level VIP lounge.

Sackboy on leather couch

Hell bent, hell bent for leather, da da da da da da, da da da da da da.

Sackboy with lady

The Founder's Room is Prohibition-themed, and so is everyone who works in it. I tried to make a Tommy "The Machine" Gunn joke, but this chick was like, "What do you think I am, old?"

Sackboy with sushi

You can totally order sushi down here. Or steal someone else's.

Sackboy in the crosshairs.

Or not! I'm sorry, man!

Founder's Room pool

So anyway, the Founder's Room also has pool.

Founders Room Through the Looking Glass

And books.

David Lee Roth?

And an electric chair occupied by some guy who totally looks like David Lee Roth.

Sackboy on light

Alliteration is totally overrated. "Where's Sackboy?" is so much better than the Waldo version.

Sackboy in bear's mouth

Where am I? Where am I?

Sackboy in bear's mouth II

Good eye.

Sackboy making out

Okay, maybe take a break with the camera?

Sackboy amped up

Marilyn time.

Marilyn Manson's butt

Yeah, he's still got it. A great ass, that is!

Marilyn Manson behind a podium

Sweet Dreams are made of Dita Von Teese, Rose McGowan, Evan Rachel Wood, and... well, pretty much anyone else Mickey Roarke also dated too.

Marilyn Manson down with the fans

Oh come all ye faithful...

Sackboy and friend

One thing about Marilyn Manson shows is that you make a lot of friends for life. Like this guy.

Sackboy and Evil

And this other guy.

Sackboy with happy couple

And this happy couple looking for an "open-minded third party".

Sackboy with awesome t-shirt guy

Whatever, dude. If you mess with the Devil's Three Way, you just gotta avoid the horns. Or something like that.

Sackboy with white people

Judging by everything you've just seen, guess who loves Marilyn Manson the most?

Sackboy in a sack

This is not why they call me Sackboy. But it could be.

Sackboy in Soho

Woo woo! Back in Soho. Guess what that sign doesn't say you can't do?

Sackboy is sick

This! Baaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha.

Sackboy on sidewalk

Ugh. I probably shouldn't sleep here, but I can't remember where my apartment is.

Sackboy in bed

Good thing people just leave beds on the street in this town.

Sackboy passed out

Later dudes. Let's do Sarabeth's tomorrow.

You ready to party?