High-end threads made right here in Portland

The main floor of Portland's Bridge & Burn.

After a seeming eternity playing jack-in-the-box with a series of pop-up shops (even worse: with no two-for-$1 tacos), badass clothier Bridge & Burn has found a permanent home downtown, so prepare to assemble a made-in-Portland wardrobe, and soon after become a popular-in-Portland person.At the wood-laden flagship, the brand's designers work upstairs, then send their wares downstairs to fill huge racks where you can score more plaid than a Scottish family reunion in the '90s in Seattle. Because every Portlander is naked without a scarf (even at the Naked Bike Ride), there's also a collection of neck-warmers. Tees include the classic RUN-DMC design subbing in the letters "USA HWY" and "GOP LOL".Teen Vogue says the new accessories for Spring are accessories, so get some of those too. Clifford-red cotton overshirt. Crew-neck sweater.And for jackets, snag this cotton-twill hooded Alda, fur-necked Winchester Navy coats, and the Weatherby in waxed cotton, which's impervious to liquid assaults like driving Oregon rain and spilled sauce from two-for-$1 tacos.

Cotton button-ups at Portland's Bridge & Burn.
Scarves at Portland's Bridge & Burn.
T-shirts at Portland's Bridge & Burn.
Accessories at Portland's Bridge & Burn.
Sweatshirts and button-ups at Portland's Bridge & Burn.
Jackets at Portland's Bridge & Burn.