ROCKY on Broadway is better than you could have possibly imagined it

Back in 1976, when the first Rocky film premiered, the odds that it would ever be made into a musical were slimmer than the odds that Rocky would go the distance with Apollo Creed. Well, he did it, and now the producers of ROCKY on Broadway have done it: an all-out theatrical extravaganza that manages to amplify the heart and humor of the original without losing its knockout punch (seriously, the actors are completely jacked).

If you’re going to see one Broadway show this year, shouldn’t it be a stunning production that features a singing Italian Stallion; an Apollo with so much panache the stage can barely contain it; hilarious (and, okay, sometimes kinda heartbreaking) turns from a spot-on Paulie and Mickey; an Adrian with a surprisingly deep backstory (don’t worry, she still gets plenty of “Yo!”s); anda fully realized 15-round bout complete with announcers and ring girls? OH AND ALSO HANGING MEAT SLABS?

That’s right, hanging meat slabs. Odds that you’ll applaud them as soon as you see them descending from the roof: 100%.