Three presents that prove it's really <em>not</em> the thought that counts

It's that special time of year again where you always do your best to be single so you don't have to buy your lady friend another Jodeci CD. But in case your scheming has gone awry AND you're out of Jodeci options (they only made four, after all), we've got you covered with these other, better local gifts for every budget. Royal Tine Antler Jewelry HolderIf you like her enough to remember Valentine's Day, you just might end up sharing a living space one day, so make the inevitable girling up a little less painful by giving her these fake pieces of dead things to hang her jewelry on.$36 at Pigment: 3827 30th St; North Park; 619.501.6318 or online at ShopPigment.comThree Sisters JewelryBecause she'll need something to hang from her porcelain animal bits, pick her up this raw diamond-paired pendant from Three Sisters, which is already a better movie than Three Brothers even though it's not a movie. $249 at ThreeSistersJewelryDesign.comCupid's Classic at The Grand Del MarTo really do it up, cash in your grandma's traveler's cheques and opt for The Grand Del Mar's Cupid's Classic spa package. A moderately exorbitant sum will land you both a mineral bath with The Grand's exclusive Champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, wraps, massages, mani/pedis(!), and the grateful love of your significant other for like, ever. But please wait to do the sex until you get home. Valentine's Day packages start at $600 at 5300 Grand Del Mar Ct; Del Mar; 858.314.2020 or online at TheGrandDelMar.com