Save bagillions of dollars on parking tickets via text

If you're tired of walking out to your car, only to have your heart drop/wallet empty at the sight of a tiny white piece of paper on your windshield telling you you've violated one of this city's infinite and constantly changing parking laws, you're gonna want to register for this site to make sure it never happens again. Parking tickets suck. Check out CurbTXT. Here's how it works

1. Go to CurbTXT and enter your cell (or landline, if you're your grandparents) and license plate number to register them together

2. Pick up a sticker at one of the 12 stations around town, or have them mail you one. Affix it to your vehicle, preferably somewhere near your Carstache

3. People see your sticker, then to contact you, text your license plate number to CurbTXT, and CurbTXT then texts you

4. Now if you left your lights on, parked a little in someone's driveway, ran out of meter time, or parked on 6th St, people can text you to let you know you need to turn off your headlights, move rather than being towed, add coins, or move out of a "Shopping Cart Only" parking zone

5. If someone's just texting you to tell you you're a bad driver (or have really nice hair), 1) stop going exactly the speed limit, Jesus people have places to be, and 2) also text #block to block that user and flag them for review.