Your groceries, courtesy of... Star Trek?!

Whether you're a super Trekkie or you don't even know the difference between Romulans and Remans (one is the other's slave caste living on the dark side of the moon, obvi), you'll be happy to know that now's the time to get on board with TaskRabbit, who's partnering with GE to -- we kid you not -- have someone from the Star Trek crew randomly take care of an order as TrekRabbit, making sure the Force is with you you live long and prosper.Here's how it works:

  • From October 9th-13th, order anything you want (that happens to be up to $35) via TaskRabbit just like you normally would (or like you would now that you know about this whole Star Trek situation).
  • You won't know until your order has been accepted, but then you will get a message telling you it's free thanks to GE and a TrekRabbit guy totally dressed as a Star Trek character will be taking care of it.
  • You spend the minutes until they arrive trying to do that Vulcan salute thing with your hands... unsuccessfully.