There's nothing but tools in this place

Unless you've accidentally wandered into Times Square on New Year's Eve, you've never been someplace with as many tools as MakerHaus, a 10000sqft creative space where EVO used to be, that lets its members use anything from TIG welders to rapid prototypes to build crazy sexy cool stuff. And if you don't know how to use those things, don't worry -- they've got something no one at Times Square has in its singular form (classes).Despite being dangerous if used improperly, this machine is not actually a robot intent on killing you, though you will probably have to use it and other machines in MH's fully equipped metal shop if you have any hope of building a robot intent on killing you or anyone else in the future.Want to work with wood? Gross! But also, you can, using their three-axis CNC routers and drum sanders. This was made using a pretty major laser and didn't even require the overrated production of Diplo, just this computer-assisted cutting tool.The idea that a girl will meet a guy who'll treat her like a princess at Times Square on NYE might be a fairy tale, but any of MH's classy members can make her this castle fit for a fairy tale, using their 3-D printer.