A swanky new Joe's moves into the Cafe Majestic space

The goodbye's not always pleasant when a player forsakes his team for greener pastures, as exemplified by everybody that's ever played for the Oakland A's. Except for Riceky. Looooove Rickey. Find out what those greener pastures taste like, at Uptown Joe's.A group of dudes who cut their chops at the T-Loin's beloved Original Joe's have taken their talent (and Joe's name) up the hill into the Cafe Majestic's swanky (and mostly unchanged) ex-digs, where Uptown Joe's will sling Americanized Italian fare that's reminiscent of OJ's, but fancy enough for an uptown girl...she's been living in her uptown world...I bet she's never had a...Sorry. Chicken and veal're a big part of the menu, and highlights include the tender chicken scallopini (w/ mushrooms, white wine, and garlic), the lemon/butter veal Parmigiana (w/ Napolitana sauce n' mozzarella), and the sauteed veggie-flanked veal or chicken picatta -- go on, get the veal, chicken. Meatier options range from the 16 oz T-Bone to pork chops with rigatoni or fries, while sea vittles include deep fried jumbo prawns with tartar sauce, grilled salmon with lemon and capers, and the fried calamari steak, a marriage of two of your three favorite things (sorry Magic: The Gathering). Uptown's also fully equipped to host your private party, cater your events, or, surprisingly, hook up your grub on the run, like Rickey. Loooove Ricky.