Party With Reyka

You already know Iceland as a treeless, volcano-ridden country where descendants of Vikings swore in the world's first democratically-elected female president, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir. Now, Reyka Vodka wants you to learn something even more important: Iceland knows how to party.

Reyka is the world's first Icelandic vodka, made in a geothermal-stream-powered distillery using unfiltered spring water so pure, one drop'll turn you into a fumbling virgin. To celebrate hooch so wonderful it can only be described as furoulegur, they're inviting 75 Thrillist readers (plus guest) to a three-hour hootenanny at an undisclosed Downtown bar. Here's what you can expect:

  • Open-bar of top-shelf Reyka Vodka.
  • Sno-Cones infused with delicious shots of Reyka Vodka.
  • A giant hot tub, with coils naturally heated by an open flame (don't worry -- your poached body'll taste delicious after your Reyka Vodka marinade).

Most importantly, if you and your guest show up with passports (and the flexibility to take off work), you'll be entered to win a free trip to Iceland the very next day, courtesy of Icelandair. Upon arrival, you'll be treated like a VIP, and even featured on Icelandic TV news -- when you'll shock the world with your expert pronunciation of "Finnbogadóttir".