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Tasty vegan dishes in Norcross

Everyone loves to gather around to defy common sense and pull a crazy stunt, like jumping the Grand Canyon, or eating vegetables! Blow your mind, at Loving Hut.Grand opening this Sunday in Norcross, Hut's firmly dedicated to serving gourmet vegan dishes, drinks, and desserts, decked with yellow painted walls, three flat screens, a small front lounge with brown couch seats and small round tables, and a back dining area, all conceived and executed by ever-humble Vietnamese spiritual leader Supreme Master Ching Hai. Things start off with fried bites like Golden Nuggets (vegan ham, crispy flour, & bread crumbs), Spring Rolls (stuffed w/ jicama, glass noodles, more fake ham), or BBQ Sticks, made of faux beef, lemongrass, and sesame seeds; noodle dishes include the Saintly Stir Fry (flat rice noodles, black bean paste, carrot, tofu, onion), and rice noodles in veg soup base w/ said "beef", vegan ham, green onion, mushroom, and red chili, altogether known as Fabulous Pho -- when someone asks if you'll share, you'll certainly say "Yoko O-no." Entrees include eye-fooling meatlessness like Guru's Curry (taro soy protein, potato, carrot, coconut cream, & broccoli in blended curry spices) and Au Lac Crepe, with vegan ham, tofu, & bean sprout; there're also "Western"-inspired dishes like Spaghetti (w/ veggie meatballs), the Soy Burger (w/ vegan cheese, plus fries), bread dishes like Mung Dahl (naan, lentil, chick peas, potatoes, & soy cream), and stews, including one soon coming with Goji berries, red dates, ginger, basil, and Chinese herbs called Three Cup Wonder, who you'll remember from The Last Resort in Total Recall.If you hit the grand opening/ribbon cutting ceremony from noon until 3pm on Sunday, you'll get a free buffet, plus live music and informative health tips on the vegan lifestyle, including but not limited to not riding your motorcycle over gaping abysses.