Kenyon B

Satire's a useful tool when it comes to controversial or delicate topics, as long as it's applied with a deft touch, and you don't live just north of South Korea. Putting satire on your wall/body, Kenyon B

A Philly-based, self-described "graphic satirist", Kenyon Bajus designs artwork using a range of mediums (b&w line drawings, screenprinting, paint) and canvases (paper, wood, t-shirts), infusing provocative text and iconography into scenes representing controversial political and social topics, before selling his wares on his personal website or farming them out to clients like The Hundreds, X-Large, and Upper Playground, which has the best amphetamine monkey bars ever. All prints/posters're produced in runs of 50-200 and get individually signed/numbered, including recent pieces like one that apes Full Metal Jacket with a black matte poster screened with a profile of Darth Vader's helmet that gets bullets strapped to the back and a peace sign/"Born To Kill" scrawled in white on the side; and a five-color print of the Pulitzer-winning photo of "General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong prisoner in Saigon", with the general's weapon replaced with a hamburger, jarring commentary that reminds you it's been like 6 hours since you ate a Filet o' Fish. Tees're also available, like a gray number w/ a lined sketch of John Wayne, whose cowboy hat's adorned with the FMJ bullets & peace sign, underneath painted text reading, "Well Pilgrim...Only after you eat the peanuts out of my s**t!", and a red job simply emblazoned with "Vomit", with the Golden Arches as the M...christ, where the hell can a guy get a Filet o' Fish around here?!

The "Vomit" design's also available in a sticker pack that includes the Hamburglar giggling over the logo, and Grimace blowing chunks on it, while another pack features four C-3PO designs labeled "C-3PO Is Gay", a statement that rings true for Star Wars fans everywhere, except those blessed enough to reside in North Korea.