Adventures In Pork

It seems a little ridiculous for certain things to be off-limits -- seriously, how do you expect to keep your private life on boil if you can't text your chickens while driving? For a scrumptious blog from a guy who realized he could have his pig and eat it too, check Adventures in Pork

From a local Muslim who decided his faith's laws against hoovering hog were misguided enough to defy during a six-week stint in Rome last summer, newly launched Adventures documents his steps towards full porcine conversion as he "eats various pork dishes for the first time in his life and divulges his thoughts", although most not so awesomely third-person. Now consume his words

First taste of Bacon, in penne a la vodka w/ pancetta: "Through my days of restriction, nearly every pork eating person ... mentioned bacon as a favorite. This always managed to surprise me, as I always thought other forms of pork looked so much tastier. While pancetta in pasta sauce was really tasty, I attributed the bulk of the talent to the sauce. I decided to wait patiently for the magic of bacon to reveal itself in later dishes". (Spoiler alert: It did.

Trip to NC for ribs: "I realized that what I was missing out on was, in fact, simply meat. For the first time, I thought of how arbitrary the restriction of pork was. I'm missing out on kangaroo, shark, and elephant too" -- thank god for panda, lettuce & tomatoes, or the guy would starve

A visit to Huong Lan for Banh Mi: "[It]had it all; Pho, banh mi, and a highly abrasive Vietnamese woman telling us about the different sandwiches and simultaneously yelling at us for not already seems that chicken and beef get worse tasting as you go down in grade, whereas pork just gets better". Note: area sex-crimes detectives, he is talking about food

Eventually, the intrepid porkster comes face-to-fat with that bacon he so callously hated on when he finds "the new object of my interest: Pork belly ... Bacon, my old nemesis, in its purest form. The image of a half inch thick piece of bacon sizzling on a Korean BBQ griddle remains the goal in my mind" -- suggesting that there's an inverse relationship between bacon sizzling and private life boiling.