Because Americans so embrace familiarity, putting a new spin on a recognizable theme's a pretty slick move, which is exactly why stores'll soon be flooded with a complete line of Saw jockstraps. Riffing on beloved cultural iconography to cover your torso, AnmlHse.

Just dropped by an aptly named creative collective of Philly college students-cum-streetwear mavens, Hse's Summer line's rife with twisted parodies of icons and logos from corporate culture and Saturday morning cartoons, which're actually pretty much the same thing. New tees include a red-on-yellow DuckTales sendup, with Scrooge's nephews replaced by thuggish birds mournfully pouring out 40s and brazenly displaying a spray can, beneath a "FlockTales" logo with a "u" painted over the "lo"; and the orange "Mighty Anmls" (also available as black crewneck sweatshirt), featuring a Mighty Ducks-masked Boo Boo Bear and the squad's signature crossed hockey sticks replaced by hatchets -- just like the one Pacey and the varsity dude buried in D3's 9th-most-heartwarming scene. John Belushi ("One of the greatest party Anmls to walk the face of the earth") gets the treatment through a design depicting Bluto slamming Jack and sporting a shirt that reads "ANMLHSE" instead of "COLLEGE", while more booze comes in the form of a white tee emblazoned with an orange-and-blue Anheuser-Busch logo instead bearing an AH insignia, while the back gets "AnmlHse" printed across the shoulders, baseball-jersey-style, above "40oz", for maximum sophisticated subtlety.

AH's also stocked their online shop with a reworking of last year's "Bamboo Bangers" design (a capital "A" fashioned from tie-wrapped bamboo), along with wool snapback baseball caps stitched with "ANML" in white and available in a range of colorways, from purple-brimmed teal, to maroon with a yellow brim, to black-brimmed gray -- colorful new spins on them selling you the same hat.