Foursquare's great for letting folks know where you are/ that they can come steal your stuff, but no one's gonna come hang out/ rob your house until they're convinced you're sufficiently full of Bud Ice. For an app that'll inform everyone where you are and what you're guzzling, get Beerby

Beerby (which oh-so cleverly rhymes with "nearby") is a Steel City-dev'd iPhone/Android app that helps pin down top-notch brews by tracking where drinkers are at/ what they're drinking and sharing that info en route to earning achievements, turning pub-hopping into kind of a game, but not The Game, even though that dude's already hit, like, 120 Bars. Once you're in, their map'll tell you what drinkeries are nearby, and a tap on any of them lets you see what other Beerby members've drank there/what they thought; more than 40,000 beers are in the database, complete with info on each brew and brewer, even though all you really need to know about that Sam Adams dude is "goatee". As it's tied into foursquare, you can see where your buddies've checked in, and in lieu of Mayor-style badges, they're doing "badgers", well-dressed digital weasels denoting accomplishments: drinking 10 Imperial IPAs earns you the badger-in-white-plastic Imperial Stormtrooper while sucking down a Colt .45 nets a Lando-garbed Billy Dee Williams, which will immediately try to hand you over to the Stormtrooper one

The app also keeps a running total of everything you consume, helping you climb the standings of top drinkers for each brew and level-up, also what the looters will do when they see the guy who lives above you is also out knocking them back.