Best of the Best

Because the only legwork you're interested in is the tattoo on Eliza Dushku's ankle, let June's Best of deliver the finest America has to offer right to your creepily darkened door.

Emailed to Atlanta:Kanji Just dropping their summer line, Kanji's a quietly aggressive, hand-detailed collection of shirts, denim, jackets, and hoodies, all crafted in Japan for your express wearing pleasure, or if the evening goes well, your express not-wearing pleasure. Get big in Japan

Emailed to Boston: TweetPsych If you've ever wondered what tweets say about the person sending them -- besides that they're eating tuna or throwing rocks at the Iranian secret police -- this online tool created by a local social/viral marketing scientist uses two linguistic analysis algorithms to scrutinize the contents and build a psychological profile that measures characteristics like how much they admire themselves or write about sex -- subtle references the naked eye would never be able to discern from Jenna Jameson's feed. Bonfire of the inanities

Emailed to Nation: Rey Aquino Designs Splitting his affordable, jacket-heavy debut line into two groupings, Rey Rey claims inspiration from water-and-oil Brit fashion trends: 1) the punk rock look of 80s "Rude Boys", exemplified by the Clash, and 2) the sleek, tailored vibe of the English Gentleman, exemplified by Benny Hill. Refined punk fashion on a real punk budget

Emailed to Chicago: Cavalier & Company Coffee Tables Handmade in Chi, these solid beechwood coffee tables are given an espresso finish and topped with an assortment of domestic and imported beer coasters under an acrylic coating. Each unique piece is signed and numbered, meaning you'll definitely scream at your friends if they dare set their drink down sans coaster. Because your coffee table's more often a beer table anyway

Emailed to Dallas: The Cardapult A fresh-outta-Okie State mechanical engineer/spud-gun enthusiast has invented a business card that cleverly converts into a catapult, thus allowing even the least handsome among us to indulge in a desktop fling. Launch your career