Best of the Best

Brimming with choice selections from our nationwide network, July's Best Of proves Thrillist'll go absolutely anywhere to keep you informed. Except Detroit.

Emailed to Nation:Micro Beer Cycling Jerseys Featuring moisture-wicking "Euro Mesh" fabric, three rear pockets, and a 3/4 concealed zipper, these bike jerseys rock art from craft beer producers, including a bright yellow job featuring Lucky Lab's canine mascot (wearing a bike helmet on back); a baby blue/black piece inspired by Hair of the Dog's cigar chomping, chapeau'd bulldog; and the tatted, Cheshire-grinning visage of a carny from Schmaltz's Coney Island Lager, which also replaces Gatorade along the route of the Pour de France. Pick up a boozy jersey you won't regret in the morning

Emailed to San Francisco: The Element Grill Straight out of SF, the gas-powered Element's a sleek, vertically compact grill that boasts the same aesthetics and functionality that put high-end outdoor product crafters Fuego on the map, at a fraction of the price of their other stuff, but not one of those uppity compound fractions. Get 24,000 BTUs of awesome up in yo' grill

Emailed to New York: Kickstarter From an altruistic group of Brooklyners, Kick helps the industrious-but-poor fund worthy projects by providing a forum for their impressively earnest video pitches (some of which involve pie charts), then hooking them up with folks who have a bit of cash to spare (so, a giving tree grows in Brooklyn). Can you kick it? Yes you can. Can you click it? Yes you can.

Emailed to Washington DC: Commonwealth's Summer Tees District streetwear messiah Commonwealth has just dropped seven new tees for summer (each in several colorways), including one with a book inscribed with "freedom", a globe clasped by a hand covered in the labels of recently bailed-out companies, and a James Brown homage with stars surrounding "Thy name is Godfather of Soul" on the back, allowing you to pay tribute to the caped showbiz legend, so long as you have the good taste to not wear one of your own. Forget the bag, Papa -- get a brand new shirt

Emailed to Dallas: LOFTWall Launched by a Rhode Island School of Design grad with a decade-plus of furniture and interior design experience, LOFTWall makes patent-pending, modular room partitions consisting of a sleek, matte-silver aluminum frame fillable by an array of decorative panels that insert into the armature like Connect Four coins, but don't drop traumatically out a trap door when your little brother pwns. Magically transform your one-bedroom apartment into a three-room suite