Best of the Best

In the candy-filled pillowcase of life, Thrillist's Best Of is jammed with nougatty awesomeness, and not a single Bit-O-Honey

Emailed to Washington DC: Ex-Boyfriend A humor-leaning collection of graphic tees and accessories, EX-BF was started by a DC-native newlywed couple, the female half of which had been fond of proudly galavanting about town in an "ex-boyfriend shirt" left behind by a former paramour too stupid to realize he'd been dating a future t-shirt millionaire. Check out the sweet designs inspired by shattered dreams and broken hearts

Emailed to Nation: HealthMap A comprehensive GMapped breakdown of the latest infectious diseases cropping up around the globe, HM lets you track new and ongoing cases of anything from swine flu to botulism in real time, by culling data from several top global health agencies & Google News, then plotting hotspots, a visual confirmation that you should've done more research before booking your "outside the box" honeymoon in the Congo. Go viral

Emailed to Boston: Concertimatic iPhone App Never miss the Spin Doctors -- or any of your other favorite bands -- in concert again with this innovative app out of Maine that scans your iTunes library and tells you where (within 200 miles of your current/set location) every artist is playing there over the next two months -- which, in the case of the Spin Doctors, is probably Park Street outbound to Harvard. Keep track of the Nick Jonas tour itinerary with the push of a button

Emailed to New York: Jeremy Argyle Rolling out their latest drop in installments throughout the month, JA's 100% cotton button-downs come in either comfort or fitted styles, and feature next-level detailing like contrasting fabric inside the cuff/collar, concealed logos, and signature square cuff buttons; the first nine new patterns include textured gray/green/purple stripes, classic blue checks, and plaids from gray/white/beige to brown/navy/white, plus they just launched an XXL size, in case your torso's more Ron Jeremy Argyle. Step up your wardrobe here because Argyle never goes out of fashion

Emailed to Miami: Ransoun Dreamt up and handmade by a Miami designer who had ideas that just didn't fit into his other, more-military-inspired brand Miansai, Ransoun (ransom in French) crafts rugged, dude-friendly, aggressive-but-not-too-aggressive necklaces out of silver, then oxidizes them for a rustic feel that's pleasingly rough around the edges -- also what it says on your resume as a euphemism for "perennially hung-over". Ditch the hemp and show some metal

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