It's hard to look past a distinctive hat: the Man with the Yellow Hat continued to be known as such, rather than the Man Who Captured a Monkey in the Wild, Smuggled it Across the Atlantic, and Raised It as a Son. Stepping out from the shadow of their own hats, Brixton

Already lauded for mod-ish takes on classic lids, SoCal-based Brixton's been steadily branching out into other apparel avenues, and just dropped their first full seasonal collection of outerwear, seamlessly continuing their tradition of clean designs that strike a balance between edgy refinement and luxurious early-bird-specialing retirement. New action includes the custom plaid flannel Bowery buttondown, available in blue or gray, with a tailored cut and black satin-lined cuffs/back yolk; the 100% cotton woven Donez standard-fit flannel, available in black or gray; and the Lewis, a long-sleeve vintage baseball henley with five upper buttons and contrast stitching on the cuff and sleeve, available in a range of colorways, from heather gray w/ hunter green or burgundy sleeves, to the Lewis black, which seems convinced everyone thinks having spit land on them while you yell is hilarious. Tailor-cut jackets make an appearance as well, highlighted by the military-inspired Debaser in either black canvas or an olive wool blend, which sports zip-up cuffs, four front snap pockets, and black satin lining; and a black twill, diamond-quilted motorcycle-style zip-up with a slit chest pocket and dual-button collar called the Sham, which is what you'll be when you wear it, scooter boy

Brixton's trademark hats aren't completely ignored in the new line, with a handful of new colorways for their signature caps, as well as two fresh styles for fall: the brown or black straw Delta fedora with burgundy silk lining and a striped band, and the longer, upturned-brim Jones in black or brown crushable felt, with a band securing a single feather -- a sign of accomplishment you hope'll alert people to the fact that you're the Man Who's Weirdly Well Versed in Curious George Books.