Daily Danza

Candid YouTube clips show a totally different side of celebs, from Bill O'Reilly's on-set fits of rage, to the Hoff's ability to show a cheeseburger who's boss. Also, Chris Berman can totally get you Canadian painkillers. For a glimpse inside some truly complex cerebral corridors, check out Daily Danza.Featuring self-filmed one-to-five minute clips of dangerously candid perspectives on everything from fashion to Philly culture, DD documents Tony Micelli's life during his current reality TV role as a teacher at Northeast High, with the bulk of the ingenious nuggets delivered straight from NoLibs (much easier these days than getting nuggets delivered to NoLibs). Here we go:Danza on the beauty of the human form: (watching the Naked Bike Ride from his balcony) "Holy mackerel! Girls in bikinis on bikes! What a riot! Are they nude? I think I just saw a nude guy! Would that be another nude guy? Look -- that girl has no shirt on -- and she's very happy. There's a guy on a unicycle!" Hey Tony, one false move and it's a eunuch-cycle. Heyyyyy!Danza on life's bigger lessons: "I went to see a friend who's incarcerated...I think everybody should go down there and visit someone. It reminded me of something my father told me when I was twelve and got brought home by the police, and after he gave me a couple shots, he told me, 'don't go to jail'. That's the cautionary tale." Another cautionary tale: never repeat cautionary tales told by Tony Danza.Danza on social stratification, and morons: "They try to tell us [bottled] water is better for us...poor people don't buy water, so when the poor people start dropping dead from drinking the water, I'll stop. Number two pet peeve, you know, morons. They're just out there. This is how you have to deal with it: ignore them. So we're ignoring the morons!" (A pretty tall order when they're as entertaining as this.)Danza also displays his musical abilities on the ukulele, while another clip captures a moment of childlike glee as he opens the "magic window" from his Piazza apartment and reports "It's snowing again. There goes the train!" -- unedited flights of fancy that pretty much sum up the otherworldly glory of Tony Danza, DOING IT LIVE!!!