Drinker's West

It's best to try and blend into new surroundings, generally accomplished via calling your QB gay, overdosing on painkillers, and having news crews come over to film you doing sit-ups in your driveway. Taking strides to blend slightly better into University City, Drinker's West

The fifth active establishment in Avram Hornik's 215 empire and his first shot across the Schuylkill, West's taken over the former O'Hara's Fish House, retaining several of the cavernous, ages-old structure's original features like its brick floor and I-beam columns, while integrating somewhat subtle changes like removing a dropped ceiling to expose the 20' high, intricately molded original, as well as more conspicuous touches like installing the actual bar from recently-shuttered Loie on a second-level mezzanine, proving just how committed Drinker's is to raising the bar. They dip plenty deep into the pub grub arena, serving finger foods like wings doused/dusted with ten sauces/rubs (teriyaki, spicy peanut, smokey/plum BBQ...), deep-fried corn dogs, pulled pork or shredded chicken flautas, and six varieties of fries, from buffalo, to pizza, to "Drinker's", which insist they're strictly social/weekend fries. More substantial fare includes signature pizzas (spicy pulled pork, buffalo, taco...) Sloppy Joes, double bacon cheeseburgers (w/ optional hot dog on top), and Texas Tommies: hot dogs wrapped in bacon, smothered in cheddar, then deep-fried and topped w/ bacon relish, which is a feeling you can handle yourself, thank you very much

Drinkwise, they're slinging 21 bottled beers including Brooklyn Brown, Lilja Hop Nest Monster, and Long Trail Hibernator, while 12 taps pour a mix of standbys and more "sophisticated" brews like Anchor Christmas, Flying Fish Grand Cru, and Victory Donnybrook -- drink too many, and you'll either have to call a TO, or blend into the ground.