Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co

Contracting professional consultants is the first logical step when embarking on a venture outside of one's realm of expertise, like Nelly did with his Pimp Juice, or the Jonas Brothers did with their music. Bringing in boozy consultation, Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.

Named after the Philly-based, Prohibition era front for the largest alcohol ring in the US, FM&I's owned by a local software developer who collaborated with New York's Death & Co -- the Accenture of classy intoxication -- to bring mixological magic to a dark and swanky lounge decked out with burgundy leather banquettes, Carrara marble tabletops, a statuary marble cocktail rail, black oak flooring, and a slatted ceiling that cunningly directs attention to the marble-topped rear bar. Every drink is made to order by dapper bartenders (tie, vest/suspenders), who start by hand-carving chips from three types of "gourmet" ice (Kold-Draft, nugget, culinary grade); the 20 menu concoctions are broken into six categories: American History, Water of Life, Summer Sippin, Revivers & Tonics, Island Coolers, and Martini Through Time -- all more sophisticated than the stuff that caused you to tank American History. Many mixers are made in-house (from lemon juice to grenadine), and all booze is top shelf, from the Buffalo Trace in the Brown Derby, to the Inland Julep's Siembra Azul Reposado, to the Hayman's Old Tom gin in the Billy Penn Club, to the Blood and Sand's Famous Grouse ("Who bled in my sand?")

Along with contracting Di Bruno Bros for private event catering, future plans include the installation of a 15'x4' hand-painted mural depicting former Franklin boss Max "Boo Boo" Hoff and his cronies -- all expert consultants in who's getting shot in herre.