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Pretzel Eggs Benedict and fried green tomato burgers in Old City

Everyone has a special place in their heart for Dr. Seuss, except those philistines who hate trisyllabic meter. Proving they're not in that class, the guys behind Green Eggs Cafe

From a trio of Old City resto vets out to prove that eco-conscious kitchen practices and great food aren't mutually exclusive, enviro-Seuss-shout-out Green serves breakfast and lunch dishes made almost entirely from locally sourced ingredients in a comfy LEED-focused, 50-seat bruncherie where black leather couches mingle w/ diner-style counter & traditional cafe seating, creating an atmosphere of open-armed welcomeness to all except Styrofoam, banned from the premises after waitresses discovered that was NOT a Wocket in its Pocket. Get gorging with substantial breakfasts like burritos w/ chorizo, potato, black bean & roasted peppers; Brioche Texas toast that's either stuffed w/ fresh berries & ricotta and smothered in Chantilly cream & blueberry sauce, or packed w/ whipped crunchy peanut butter & cream cheese and topped w/ blackberry jam; and Eggs Benedict prepared standard or "Philly Style", replacing English muffins, Canadian bacon & Hollandaise with pretzel rolls, grilled pork loin & Bearnaise, At which you've always longed to have a Weekend. Sandwiches run things on the lunch menu, from the Italian Panini w/ prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella & marinated artichokes, and a trio of kobe sliders w/ toppings like maple-glazed bacon, quail egg & truffle oil, to pulled chicken salad and the Cafe Burger that's topped w/ grilled pineapple, Gruyere, Tabasco onions & fried green tomatoes, aka low-hanging fruit not supported by Kathy Bates' Maidenform

Green's also rockin' a fully stocked tea and coffee bar w/ baristas pouring a range of caffeinated concoctions, and all the drinking water's run through a reverse osmosis system that removes 99.9% of impurities, because you would not, could not let them put you in a box.