Hawk Krall

Nothing's sweeter than getting paid twice for one piece of work, like musicians licensing album tracks for commercial use, or charging your elderly neighbor to program her VCR, then realizing she's senile enough to just rob. Doubling dividends through art, Hawk Krall

Local illustrator Krall, who's been paid handsomely for work in Philadelphia Weekly, Screw, Swindle, and Bust, among others, just started selling his full-color originals online (starting at a measly $30), boasting R. Crumb-like takes on politics, sexuality, and the actually important issues, like hot dogs. Poli-pieces range from Rudy Giuliani attacking a Geno's cheesesteak through a glory hole in a filthy graffiti'd bathroom stall, to G.W. Bush snorting blow through a star-spangled straw in front of hooded Abu Ghraib detainees and mutilated U.S. soldiers, to a grinning Barack with an "Obama '08" thong strapped to his head -- but not the officially licensed Obama '08 thong, because that one's blue. In other pieces, Krall tackles less serious topics like crappy B-movie heroes, with his depiction of a plump, aging Superwoman w/ stripper boots next to a fat, disheveled Captain America; food, which pops up again in a labeled diagram of a loaded hot dog from presumably-famous Flo's on Rte 1 in Maine; and music, which gets its own treatment in the form of Thom Yorke being decapitated by a sword (so...Knives Out?)

Other Krall goods include the full collection of his Dirty Dish mini-comics, black-and-white drawings of several characters from Battlestar Galactica, and a "Fun Pack", comprised of postcards, buttons, stickers, and "maybe even some junk I found floating around my studio", much like his neighbor's confounding Betamax.