The Headhouse Cafe

When the answer is "a whole lotta beer", you can bet the question's gonna be interesting, like "How'd you even get the truck up there?" or "Why'd you buy all these Encyclopedia Brown books online?" Using it to answer "What're you serving?", The Headhouse Cafe

Just opened in the former ZoT space, Headhouse's a two-barred, two-level joint with a tiled front area bathed in daylight and a long, low-lit main room with exposed brick walls, wooden tables, and dark wood floors serving up an international menu of brew-friendly foods and beers through ~20 taps and a seriously impressive collection of 100+ rotating bottles, which differs from your college collection of bottles in that this one's not mainly comprised of Malibu. Starting things off's a corn and seafood chowder, octopus takoyaki with a scallion and ginger ponzu dipping sauce, falafel/hummus/tabouleh served with grilled pitas, and a salad made up of pan-seared tuna Nicoise, tomatoes, new potatoes, haricot vert, eggs, anchovy dijon mustard vinaigrette, and a type of lettuce called butterhead, which has an even worse cranial structure than your typical butterface. Larger plates include chicken shwarma with cucumber and a tomato & spiced dill yogurt served in pita pockets, a two-man rib eye prepped bone-in with fries, and a collection of regionally-themed mussel platters including Asian, Belgian, Greek, and Spanish varieties -- sadly, the mussels from Brussels just split too easily

That beer menu -- including local draughts like Stoudt's Heifer-in-Wheat and Dock Street's Saison du Potts, plus bottles like Bad Monkey's Chimp Chiller and Weihenstephan Brauerei's 1809 Weisse -- is presented in encyclopedia form, listing price, ABV, volume, and origin, making things so inclusive, there's no need to check for answers in the back.