Man Cave

Published On 11/15/2010 Published On 11/15/2010

So many hygiene products are made with a woman in mind, which is probably why you never see decorative soaps that look like Wade Boggs. Dude-ing up your cleaning routine a bit: Man Cave

Cave's a line of hand-made hygiene goods, crafted from naturally occurring and organic ingredients (e.g., goat's milk, glycerine, aloe) and made on the other side of the state using a female's input to develop overtly masculine scents that'll supposedly turn a woman's head, so they clearly just put Acqua Di Gio in everything. The goods include bars of hand-cut soaps (some mixed with blue cornmeal to help clear the skin), custom-blended aftershaves, solid colognes, and jarred shaving soaps dosed with shea butter and clay to lube the blade, also what Wesley Snipes does before playing with his Dorff. So you can smell like the man the surgery made you, everything comes in scents like basil/ juniper/ lemon/ sandalwood Mountain Man, oakmoss/ hay Shirt & Tie Not Required, the rum/ amber Gatsby, and the verbena/ lemon/ green florentine/ ambergris Gentleman's Tweed, because only the most dignified among us can appreciate Shannon's better work

They're also doing up easily giftable combos, like a jar of shave soap teamed with a boar's-hair shave brush, or a travel bag stuffed with one of everything, which in Wade Boggs' case, are immediately dumped out to make room for fried chickens and cans of Stroh's



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