Food & Drink

Jolly's Dueling Piano Bar

Witnessing a duel's become a lot tougher since people went totally soft, and stopped shooting each other in the middle of Main Street every day at noon. Well, now it's musically back: Jolly's Dueling Piano Bar.From a 12-year vet of the Philly bar scene, Jolly's completely re-did a former electronics store as a red, black, and white 125-seater w/ custom tiling and mirrors scattered around bar and lounge areas with semi-circular booths, arranged to focus attention on a pair of grand pianos which'll serve as musical weaponry every Tues-Fri for a battling-since-'91 pair of local dueling pianists -- a phrase that'll never momentarily remind you of summer camp. Ever. To fuel your listening, American tapas-style grub designed by B*Smith's Gourmet Catering includes a spread trio (bruschetta, eggplant caviar, roasted garlic & white bean), four flatbread pizzas (four cheese w/ pepperoni; BBQ chicken; mushroom & Locatelli; clam & bacon), blue cheese burger/Maryland crab cake sliders, and spring rolls w/ a Ponzu dipping sauce, which tastes great at first but tends to disappear before everyone gets fat. Drinkwise, Jolly's offers 15 bottled beers, including PBC Walt Wit, Brooklyn Brown, and Magners Irish Cider, as well as specialty cocktails including the sweet tea vodka & lemonade Hound Dog, a classic hurricane served in a 22-oz souvenir glass (w/ discounted refills), and the Belvedere/olive juice/jalapeno Hot-n-Dirty, which'll help you cope with neither term applying to the rest of your night.Jolly's offers daily happy hour specials from 6-8pm, including three-buck domestic brews, premium cocktails and small plates; they'll also bring the party to you, with on-site catering and dueling piano services available -- provided you don't live in Nicetown, where daylight street-murder is still all the rage.