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Midtown Lunch

Workday lunches too often suffer from a workday mindset: endlessly defaulting to something quick, easy, and unexciting, which is why you spend your weekends eating light bulbs. For a wider scope of cheap local lunch options, check out the Philly edition of Midtown Lunch

An offshoot of the blog dedicated to expanding NYers' lunch options/waistlines since '06, ML's just-launched Philly version dishes pics and descriptive but quick-reading reviews of sub-$10 Center City working meal options, under the guidance of a NY contributor and recent Philly transplant whose favorite "healthy foods" include "wings, crispy duck skin, bacon, and tequila shots", unforgivably omitting rendered pork fat. Less than a week in, they've reported on lunch specials at Chinatown's Burmese specialist Rangoon, deeming the Pork with Mango Pickled Curry "vibrantly seasoned with a touch of spice, cooked just right, and quite the bargain at $6.50", although the gelatinous consistency of an accompanying Hot & Sour Soup scored a minus because the reviewer claims to "not enjoy soup flavored Jell-O", and hence, is not really getting along with Bill Cosby. RTM's Beck's Cajun Cafe, the other reviewee to date, garnered high marks from their eagerness to offer samples of delicacies like the "nicely spiced and surprisingly light" alligator sausage, while a pair of po' boys scored handsomely thanks to a relative lack of greasiness, which led the reviewer to "promise these huge juicy briny guys will make you happy", oddly a phrase also found on the marketing materials for 12th Street Gym

In addition to a readers' forum where visitors can suggest spots for future reviews, ML also frequently posts links to other local grub-related blogs, like Unbreaded's rundown of top sandwiches of '09, and a Craigslist missed connections ode to a bygone teriyaki cart, which promises to create room in its old spot by burning the cars parked there "for getting in the way of my appetite!" -- clearly a man who doesn't wait for Saturdays for his Eureka! moments.