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The easiest way to avoid hearing Jim Nantz "casually" event-dropping the Masters is filling your Super Bowl party with rousing conversation about how fantastic your spread is. Inspire that chatter with these two DeSean Jackson-quick snack recipes plus one delicious big-boy libation unlike any other.

Mushroom Queso FundidoFrom Chicago's Rick Bayless, Frontera Grill/Topolobampo/XOCO The reigning Top Chef Master and Mexican fine dining dynamo hooks you up with a piping pile of cheese and 'shrooms, kinda like if Barry Manilow did a duet with Phish. Get the gooey deliciousness here

Next Day Spicy Hoisin BBQ RibsFrom Miami Chef Todd Mark Miller, STK Get deep flavor infusion by letting these babies sit overnight before adding the final flavor layers on game day. The result: tender insides, crispy outsides, a bit of charring, and some Asian heat, assuming you can track down a circa-'05 Wang Zhizhi. Learn how to make these babies

Bourbon BowlFrom Atlanta's Brandon King, Gold Room GR's bar manager's concocted this sweet & sour diddy employing a liter a whiskey or Bourbon of your choosing, because while the game may be in Miami, "no self respecting guy drinks a mojito when he's not on or near a beach" -- and while Matt Ryan didn't make it, at least Falcons fans will get to participate in a bowl of some kind. Combine football with bowling by using this recipe