Stone Rose

They say never to mix business with pleasure, but how exactly do they expect you to do that when you co-manage the Harley shop on Pleasure Island, and also have sex with people for money? For shirts that also defy that adage, check out Stone Rose

Fledgling Miami-based clothier Stone's slingin' a bevy of fine woven buttondowns that seamlessly transition from working hours to happy hour thanks to cool details that stay hidden until you need them, just like your nipple ring, but cool. Woven completely from high-thread-count cotton to provide crisp looks and a soft feel, nearly every shirt from Stone's signature line features contrast topstitching along the collar and colorfully contrasting fabrics sewn into the inner cuffs/plackets/collar, like a textured white number w/ yellow plaid features, and a charcoal job lined w/ pink & raspberry stripes, both of which're "No Iron", also the documentary sequel where Gold's revokes Mike Katz's membership because he can't find his shirt. Other designs include a black number w/ hidden hot pink & white '60s-style swirls and a blue oxford whose cuffs unbutton to reveal blue paisley -- although really, what does Brad have to be sad about, dude was the 2009 CMA Male Vocalist of the Year!!

SR also just released an introductory line of blazers, including a blue crushed velvet model with contrast stitching, paisley lining, and an "accessories" pocket, in which to store your tools of the trade...torque wrenches and hex keys, you sicko! Why, are you a cop?