Street Crumb Designs

Vintage t-shirts are way comfortable and totally unique, but sooner or later, people are going to start figuring out that you didn't really work on the pit crew for the 1982 Chevrolet Can-Am Factory Team, and how are you supposed to get laid then? You won't, so go old-school a little more honestly, with Street Crumb Designs

Boasting 130+ throwback styles across categories from punk innovators to golden age Hollywood stars, Philly-based SCD hand-screens distressed images in the ink color of your choice onto five hues of crazy-soft lightweight Alternative Apparel blanks, which is also what they claim Dov Charney's shooting. Music-based designs run the gamut from The Cure's Robert Smith and his expertly coiffed dourness, to equally uplifting Ian Curtis' sulking silhouette on a pair of Joy Division jobs, to the Dead Milkmen and Appetite-era GN'R, a tee you'll soon be wearing, with just a little patience...yeaaahhhh. On the sports tip, obligatory local nods're covered by retro Flyers & Phillies logos, while non-local steez include crests of English Premier League clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea, and awesomely old-school-logo'd franchises from the NHL's infancy like the Brooklyn/NY Americans, Oakland's Golden Seals, and the Colorado Rockies -- who you know Street Crumb's lying about, because they weren't invented until like 1993, and you have the Starter jacket to prove it

Additional shirtery includes a headshot of Malcolm McDowell as A Clockwork Orange's Alex, and a shock-haired Andy Warhol -- because if there's one thing you learned on the pit crew, it's that it's all about that fifteen seconds of fame.