France has a bad reputation, but not all its stuff is the worst; look at their toast, their tongue-kisses, and their totally awesome Connection...its logo shirts almost spell a really bad word! Changing the reputation of their stodgy cuffed shirts: Cufflinks

Created by a college kid in the state's west side looking to pay for school after realizing no one would pay to see him naked, Cuffs is an online shop selling -- get ready for this -- cufflinks, most crafted from uber-geeky/often-cool materials like Legos, Scrabble letters, and dice...fitting, since Clay never worked off-the-cuff. Plastic brick-boasting cuffers include those topped with 2x2 Lego tiles/bricks, and body-less heads from space, medieval, and pirate sets, plus a ton of plunder from the Star Wars kits including Vader and Snow Trooper helmets plus intact minifigs ranging from Imperial Guards to Leia in that slave getup she wore when being forced to perform hand Jabbas. If you hate Legos, you should be shot, but before that you can get sets made from Scrabble pairings like "O", XBox controller buttons, Monopoly pieces, .40 cal bullet and 12 gauge shell ends, and even 20 sided die, which're perfect for wearing to parties you clearly weren't invited to, as you know about 20-sided die

Because wearing cufflinks usually means there's a tie involved too, Cuffs is doing up some similarly fun tie tacks, including a domino tile and a Lego Indiana Jones -- who presumably spends most of his time fighting Lego Nazis, as the Lego French are too busy eating FCUKing toast.