Super Sunglasses

Italy and Germany have both made significant individual contributions to America, but when they team up with each other, we're either forced to declare war on them or, even worse, eat their schnitzel gelato. Mixing Italian design and German engineering for your face's sake, Super Sunglasses

Handcrafted in Italy and fitted with German-engineered Zeiss lenses coated with a thin, scratch-proof film, Supers're acetate-framed shades available in a range of styles and multiple color graduations, because Spring Green is well and good, but when you get into Burnt Sienna, you can take on the world! New action from the Wayfarer-aping Summer '09 Classic collection comes in a slew of colorways, like dark lenses in red frames, the white frame & red lensed White Heat, the multi-colored or black-on-white Hippy Tie Dyes, and reflective iridescent lensed, translucent-framed Crystal Flash, also a move used by only the most high-class perverts. The Flat Tops offer a more modern look, with sharper angles and fewer contours, including the black Frank 2 with a white stripe spanning the upper frame; the black & purple Viotech; the Technicolor Automan, whose black frame's rimmed w/ a subtle rainbow pattern; and the black-and-white starscaped Hippy Nebula (aka...Cannabis Majoris?)

Other sunnies include the matching frame/lens Mono in red or violet, the teal-and-pink Miami, and a souped-up, "Extra Large, Extra Strong, Extra Thick" take on the Classic, called Ciccio, described as "not for the faint of heart", a phrase also readily applied to a certain cross-cultural frozen meaty treat.