Food & Drink


Charging by weight works for some things (produce, garbage disposal), but not for others, like, say, when ponying up for your mail-order bride. For pizza and pasta by the pound, try Taglio

Taking over the old Savory, Taglio's a bright and airy 50-seater with blond wood throughout, green walls, and a 2,500lb oven hauled over from Italy that bakes deep-dish rectangular pan pies to be custom cut and sold by weight, at either $8.50 or $11.50/lb, depending upon the ingredients topping the unbleached/non-bromated flour crust that takes two days to rise (what's up now, Jesus?). Fourteen varieties're available daily, with six on the cheap end of the pricing scale, from basics like the San Marzano tomato-topped Solo il Rosso and Margherita to the self-explanatory Spinaci and Zucchini, to the cherry tomato-dotted Bianca and the sliced potato Patate -- both topped with garlic cheese spread in lieu of tomato sauce, because they'd rather be dragon-mouth-ed than red. Higher priced offerings include the Salsiccia e Peperoni, w/ house-made sausage & roasted red peppers; the prosciutto cotto/sautéed mushroom/green olive Cappricciosa; the smoked Italian bacon, green onion & smoked Scamorza cheese Pancetta; and the Prosciutto e Ouva, w/ slices of hard-boiled egg, proving even pizza doesn't need to sit out all night getting moldy to be breakfast

In keeping with their hook, Taglio also offers pasta by the pound, currently dishing up a vodka-sauced, baked penne (Pasta al Forno) and cheese lasagne. They've also got desserts like Mousse Cioccolato, Coppa Mascarpone, and Tiramisu that're crafted in Italy and flash-frozen before shipping across the Atlantic -- much like Valentina, who you'd better hope costs $308 because of her "excellent English and love of detective novels".