Zoo With Roy

Every Phillies fan is asking a lot of Roy Halladay: a Cy Young Award, another World Series, and a perfect day just strolling around eating churros and oohing and ahhing at red pandas. Oh wait, that's just one lunatic: the guy behind Zoo With Roy

Dotted with photos of Halladay at press conferences, tigers, and penguins, ZWR's from a South Philly, Nietzsche-quoting MBA whose laudable mission of convincing the Phillies' new ace to take him to the zoo's quickly spidered out into a happily schizophrenic trove of narratives, pics, diagrams, and even MS Paint creations, potentially leading you to confuse it with your LiveJournal. Strictly zoo-based stuff includes a mini-screenplay in which Halladay quite charmingly proposes to ZWR in front of Carnivore Kingdom, claims of the blog being destiny and the big righty belonging at the zoo because people so often refer to him as an "animal", and a rewrite of the Dr. Seuss classic If I Ran The Zoo with lines like "But most special of all, to each girl and each boy/Is that this zoo, our zoo, would have in it a Roy" -- prompting trappers everywhere to comb forests for a Siegfried. ZWR also flashes MS Paint-produced stick figure renderings of Doc in several zoo-based scenarios (which point out the baby penguin is his favorite) and also delves into tongue-in-cheek postings like Venn diagrams and a sabermetrics-inspired best-fit graph relating "awesomeness (exclusive of defense or playing on a donkey team)" with "want-to-go-to-the-zoo-with-ability", with Halladay holding a strong lead over Tim Lincecum, even though you know that dude's holding

Not-so-Roy-focused fringe-related entries run from takes on/mentions of Jayson Werth's beard, to a Twitter exchange with the Eagles' Shawn Andrews, who reveals that penguins are his favorite -- really, ZWR, offensive linemen? Chu-ro can you go?