1. Bacanora

This Grand Avenue spot is climbing to the top of every discerning epicureans must-visit list. And for good reason, too. Bacanora is as real as it gets. Everything that finds its way to the table is fired to perfection over the kitchen’s wood grill. And there’s simply no shortage of flavor, literally and figuratively, oozing from the Grand Avenue spot. Its tight but well curated menus, vibrant atmosphere, and compact dining room set the scene for an unbeatable culinary experience. Bacanora effortlessly brings a taste of Sonora to this arts district neighborhood.

2. Barrio Café

Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza’s Barrio Café is a master class in the art and retooled tradition of Mexican cooking. Barrio Café’s menu is brimming with elevated takes on popular staples, think tableside Guacamole sprinkled with pomegranate and an inventive version of Chiles en Nogada, a must-order for first timers and favorite among regulars, notably. Seriously, forget everything you thought you knew about Mexican food. The Calle 16 restaurant has been a pillar in the community since opening 2002 and today ranks among the best restaurants in the city, and the country.

3. Los Olivos Mexican Patio
Old Town Scottsdale

Los Olivos Mexican Patio has a family history that goes beyond a century. Named for the olive trees that thrived in the area way back when, Los Olivos has survived the test of time since opening as a restaurant in the 1940s and remains the last surviving business of the redevelopment of the Scottsdale Barrio in the 1970s. This Old Town Scottsdale spot is a sort of time capsule where the history and the stories that have unfolded over the years here have been carefully preserved. From the restaurant’s iconic Blue Room to the artwork and intricate details at every turn, Los Olivos delights every single one of the senses, especially taste. Los Olivos’ handmade salsa washes over the palate, igniting a feverish appetite for what’s next to come—piping hot fajitas, Tacos al Carbon, sauced-up enchiladas, and packed-full platters, specifically.

4. Tacos Chiwas
Multiple locations

You’re not seeing double. Tacos Chiwas is multiplying. The Chihuahua-style taco joint has expanded. And more tacos is always a good thing. This family-owned Mexican restaurant has a casual vibe. It’s the type of spot where you order at the counter—you can’t miss the order here sign. Also unmissable are Tacos Chiwas’ Barbacoa and Asada Tacos. And if you’ve still got room for more after cleaning your plates, get back in line and order the Tres Leches or reach for one of those traditional Chihuahuan Dessert Cones overfilled with sticky caramely goodness.

5. Casa Corazon Restaurant
Central Phoenix

Casa Corazon emerged on the scene in early 2018. And it’s practically unmissable, thanks to its vibrant exterior. Today, Casa Corazon complements the existing array of Latin restaurants that decorate Central Phoenix’s humming 16th Street. But its bright exterior isn’t the only reason this spot stands out from its neighbors. Casa Corazon puts their own spin on your favorite Mexican fare. The menu is festooned with elevated dishes inspired by Mexico’s southern region, including Enchiladas slathered in a purply beet sauce (green and red are on standby for the purists), citrusy Aguachiles, charred Chile Rellenos, and a shortlist of refreshing Agua Frescas. The sugar-dusted churros? Absolutely worth saving room for.

6. Blind Barber

Aged in both American and French oak barrels and finished in port wine casks, 1800 Cristalino Tequila is an ultra-premium, crystal-clear añejo meant to celebrate life’s special moments with taste. So, this Cinco de Mayo, elevate your experience and raise a glass with 1800 Cristalino instead—your taste buds will thank you.

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