Cinnabon vodka now exists, and of course you have Pinnacle to thank

Pinnacle Vodka

Choosing which beverage to pair with your Cinnabon is probably the hardest part of the cinnamon roll eating process. Water? Too basic. Champagne? Too extravagant. Mountain Dew Code Red? You're asking for Wilford Brimley-level diabetes. But what if Cinnabon-flavored vodka existed? Your dreams just came true, 'cause Pinnacle partnered with Cinnabon to bring you a completely real cinnamon roll vodka.

This new Pinnacle offering claims to combine all the "decadent flavors of cinnamon, brown sugar, and rich cream cheese frosting with hints of caramel" in one 70-proof bottle. Starting at $12.99, the Cinnabon hooch is hitting select markets on Dec 1 and going national on New Years Day. Get ready for cinnamon roll Bloodys, y'all.

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