A secret streetwear showroom

Adding a little something extra can make a good thing great, as evidenced by the sugar you put on your Cheerios, and other examples that don't illustrate your life's depressing banality. Taking the Deli to that new level of dopeness, The Freezer at Deli. Already a high-concept haberdashery boasting food-inspired shelving reclaimed from groceries and real delis, this mens/streetwear shop is upping its game w/ the addition of a small cold-storage-themed pop-up in the back that's separated from the rest of the store by a split vinyl curtain, wallpapered w/ pics of beef/lamb/chicken, and cooled by a loud industrial fan ("Go Smokestacks!"). The Freezer'll feature special clothing collections all hung on meat hooks, the first of which is b:Scott (the debut solo release from the guy behind b:Son) and features layering-friendly sweaters and fleeces like a heather-gray hipster-meets-grandpa-esque Inset Suspender Knit Cardigan, an inexpensive lightweight Heather Thermal Shawl, and a full-zip hoody w/ a huge face-hiding mock collar knit in French Terry, who is revered internationally, except in Ireland, after that blatant handball. There's also spring weight outerwear like a slim-lined monochromatic black denim jacket w/ fleece sleeves, and a white w/ black & red Light Wool Plaid Shawl that features pockets w/ invisible zippers... or does it?!?The Freezer launch is kicking off with an event Sat from 1-6pm featuring free Champagne, photos snapped by Le 21eme Arrondissement, and b:Scott's designer in the house, giving you a little something extra you thought you'd never see, since sadly, you rarely travel outside of yours.