Twisted takes on vintage photography

Nearly everything can benefit from a little updating... except Friendster. Nobody's competing with those dudes. For an artist updating photos from well before 2003, check Jonah Samson.

Inspired by his earlier photography centered on a fictionalized town (each shot captured a diorama of kids' toys/models in very "adult" situations), Vancouver-based JS's latest, Paintings from the Archives of the Pleasantville Historical Society, updates actual vintage photographs in darkly humorous ways, revealing that, from the beginning, the town's been "infused with sex and violence", also the tagline for a considerably more edgy Herbal Essences campaign. Some of the freshest examples:

Tetes-a-tetes: A portrait of five suited gentlemen (one of whom is exposing himself) taken just as the right-most is shot in the head, and subtitled A Band of Outsiders, which better not feature Pony Boy on vocals.

Despite their initial misgivings, Dan and Sarah went on to have 12 children, most of whom were conceived consensually: Features a couple, each with blue thought bubbles revealing their weapon of choice: a gun for Dan, and, for Sarah, a mace -- though this one probably isn't aiming to make her husband Feel So Good.

Edwin assured himself a gold medal win by twisting his manhood into the shape of a poodle during the talent portion: This pic boasts a well-dressed gentleman exposing a dong so enormous he can apparently twist it into shapes like a balloon animal, though this one is wayyy worse when it pops.

The collection is on show through late April and can also be found in a softbound "full colour catalogue" (ha -- Canadian English!) featuring 41 images, including a supposed online personal ad photo of girl whose head and arms have been chopped off, which's kind of sad, especially considering she can't give you a testimonial.