A bar fit for a (Mc)Queen

Naming a business venture after a movie you think shares its theme isn't always a wise move, as evidenced by your totally ill-conceived Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Gentlemen's Club. Unless it's a bar Steve McQueen would wanna hang out in, like Bullitt.

The dudes behind Tonic've opened a decidedly masculine watering hole-cum-burger bar called Bullitt after SF's famed McQueen action flick, and done it up with a long, Edison bulbed sheet metal bar, and classy wood paneling, giving it a subtly cool vibe, like Stevie McQ, or tepid bathwater when it's time to get out. While the cocktail list's still in the works (it'll be all post-Prohibition era numbers named for fictional cops, e.g., Drebin, Ponch, etc.), Bullitt's legitimately the only bar in town with Fernet and Maker's on tap, plus they're pourin' 12 draft/bottled beers including Chimay, Hoegaarden, and OE 40s that're served in a paper bag with a condom, an ironic twist for the ironic guy holding the ironic drink, who nobody wants to sleep with. Burger-wise, choose either a half lb of ground prime cut Angus or grade A bison, before choosing your style, which can be anything from the Cool Hand Luke (Swiss, prosciutto, fried egg, grilled onions), to the sauteed jalapeno/habanero sauce/Tapatio-slathered Charles Manson -- Helter Skelter appears imminent, in your stomach.

Wait, there's more: above the main floor lies a private party room that you can book on-the-cheap for up to 30 revelers. It has its own bar, and next week they're installing a stripper pole, so quick, tell your boys Lena, Tibby, Carmen, and Girl From Gossip Girl.