Popping up: Blood is the New Black

Pop-up stores generate excitement through their fleetingness, but with their doors open for months, they frequently outlast shops that unintentionally implode. For a thrillingly brief experience, check out the Blood Is The New Black pop-up, open tomorrow night only.

From 7-11pm, this t-shirt artist collaborative is throwing a spring-preview bash, with an open bar (Coppola wine, Absolut, Bud), indie band Abe Vigoda, and many of the actual shirtists -- as they watch you peruse their goods, it'll be like screening Sliver with Billy Baldwin on your couch! Guests get access to the not-yet-available new line, which is graced by everything from a maraca-shaking Bill Clinton, to an unconscious, cartoon Asian hipster, to a graphic-less tee with a 12-inch breast pocket (deep enough to hold a telescoping baton -- who's the nerd now?). There'll also be non-tee art (photos/prints/etc) from Blood's ranks, which includes the heavily bearded LA photog Dan Monick, MTV2 illustrator Karen Richter, and some guy called "Demonbabies" (it's a ghoul!).

If you miss Blood's sizzlingly brief run, next week the shirts'll be online and at select retailers -- which you should hit immediately, because with pop-up stores moving so much merch, stores that claim permanence are just in denial.