Like <em>The Princess Diaries</em>, with less Hector Elizondo and more public transportation

TriMet is universally beloved: the Max for its quick downtown-to-'burbs service, the tram for its righteous views, and the streetcar for providing plenty of time to read while stopped in your car, waiting for some guy with a flag to get out of the street. Here to chronicle all that glory, TriMet Diaries.

From a self-proclaimed public-transpo idiot-savant and his understanding wife, TMD's a forum for bench-bound commuters to share "amusing, amazing, and horrifying tales", an idea they say's "blatantly stolen from inspired by" the Bay Area's Muni Diaries -- an admission in keeping with what's hopefully a new trend in American law: "If you own up to it, it's no longer wrong". While they're just starting out, the editors've already posted gripping accounts like that of a gaggle of ladies ogling a buff, inexplicably shirtless man on the sidewalk, wondering "how cold and gay he must be", as well as one epic trip that saw a muttering racist, an also-muttering, psoriasis-stricken ex-high school wrestler, and an arrest, when police actually stopped the car to escort away a stumbling mess, aka., an "Isaiah Streetcar Rider". There are also video posts, including an enrapturing Max-eye look at Old Town to the Steel Bridge, and a short titled "F*ck You TriMet: A Love Story" -- showing it's a thin line between love and hate, unless you're talking about Love Story star Ryan O'Neal, in which case, the line is fat.

Of course the bulk of the content's intended to come from you, so if you don't see anything worth reporting, make yourself the story by letting your freak flag fly, and treating PDX commuters to a righteous view -- which they'll actually find unimpressive, and so continue reading until you get out of the street.