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Sometimes even the most diametrically opposed factions can squash a beef, like East and West Coast rappers after Biggie died, or the Greeks and the Turks after they saw you purchase those child sized pants. Ceasing the bloodshed so you can fill out those 28's, Pera. A bitter dogfight that dates back to the Ottoman Empire officially ends today at Pera, a tranquil Mediterranean eatery that specializes in both Greek and Turkish deliciousness, with modest-but-sweet features including high ceilings supported by handsome polished wood pillars, wall mounted Middle Eastern artifacts, and booth seating that's made of pleather, like so many 70s era kites. The Meze menu's full of action from both sides of the Aegean, e.g., flaky crusted spanakopita (filo stuffed with spinach and feta), beer-battered fried mussels on a stick with citrusy "tarator" dip, and mixed veggie-heavy, Turkish lentil soup, which runs red with the blood of Orthodox Christians tomatoes. Fuller fare ranges wildly too, from the "Sultan's Delight" (roast lamb with garlic/onion on a bed of eggplant puree), to a heaping square of ground beef Moussaka doused with bechamel, to braised beef short ribs with mushrooms, pearl onions, and dried cranberries in a red wine sauce that runs...nevermind.Smoothing it all over's a full list of wine and beer from both regions, that's waiting patiently in the wings 'til the liquor license goes through in a couple of weeks, giving some smooth talker their best chance to get you out of those steadily tightening Osh Koshes.